Thursday, May 21, 2009

Little Miss Jellybean

This is a photo of my dog Jellybean. She also answers to JB and Beaners... unless she sees a lizard! Then she can't be bothered to answer to anything. We have been together since the fall of 2006. Her unconditional love and companionship mean the world to me and after nearly three years together it is hard to imagine life without her. I had gone for many years without a pet because I enjoy traveling and didn't think it would be fair to a pup or to myself to be separated for weeks or months at a time while I was off on some adventure or other. One day I woke up knowing the time was right for adding a furry friend back into my life. She is small enough, barely, to fit under the seat in the cabin when I take her on planes. She has yet to make her first international trip but one of these days she will.


  1. Wonderful start Linda....Love the photos of JB and your new granddaughter. Sorry to hear about that adoption agency. To take advantage of people like that is a terrible crime.

  2. Thanks Patricia, I appreciate your comments. Reading your blog has been such fun for me. So much fun that I decided to try it myself. My life here in Florida is much less exciting then yours in Ajijic, but blogging will be a fun way to spend these hot summer months. I don't like being out in hot humid weather.