Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Day At The Beach

My dog, Jellybean, in a digging frenzy! It's her favorite thing to do at the beach. My favorite thing is finding unusual shells. Sanibel Island, Florida is a great beach for shelling. That's good and not so good. The shells hurt if your feet are bare so wearing beach shoes is a good idea.

It seems like such a treat to see dolphins feeding. You can often catch sight of them just around dusk or shortly after dawn. This mom and her baby were cruising by just off shore. Sometimes you see dolphins playfully leaping into the air and twisting just like the ones that perform at Sea World.

I wonder how long this piece of driftwood has been here. A very long time, huh? You can see the causeway that connects Sanibel to Fort Myers in the background.


  1. Thank you, Chosen 1. Adorable fits...but so does "little rascal". You see, she likes to dig in the yard too. A big NO NO!