Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My foster pup and friend Peggy

This is my friend Peggy. We met when I rented an apartment next to hers. Peggy has lived in Ajijic for close to twenty years now. She was a joy to spend time with. She showed me where she shops for food and household things and pointed out the brands she likes. I don't speak Spanish so her help was grately appreciated. I look forward to seeing her again.

I was foster mom to this little girl on a trip to Ajijic three years ago. She was the sweetest little pup. She had been attacked by a larger dog and the vet operated on her and saved her life. She was about six months old at the time. I had her for a few weeks and found her a permanent mom before I returned to Florida. I missed her so much when I got home that I went out and got another puppy to be my BFF. When I return to Mexico I plan to get involved with kids and animals. What a great way to spend some time.

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